Leche Is Chillin

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

What I plan to post:

hip hop music

hip hop videos

hip hop news

independent artists music

youtube links

break links

and anything else that I feel would make this blog feel like my own place on the internets.

My name is Alex aka deejay leche (I will explain the name in a future post) and I’ve been a devoted fan to hip hop and all music since I was able to recognize it. That may be cliche but if it wasn’t then i’d have a cool story on how I was introduced to music. I don’t. Haha.

I’ve been deejaying since 1992. I used to make mixTAPES on cassettes. Cassettes for those of you that don’t know were the rectangle 2 inch by 2inch or so devices that music was recorded on. That and vynl. I used my boombox, cd player, cassette and record button to mess around and mix, try to do something crazy and awesome. Sometimes it worked.

to be continued…

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