Cassie vs Rihanna (nude photo leaks) and the winner is…

Posted: May 9, 2009 in The Buzz
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Previously: Cassie’s nude photos hacked from PC.

It is officially the best week ever 2009 so far. Yikes. Wowzers.

First Diddy’s main squeeze Cassie now the hottest import from Barbados?! In the words of “Craig” and “Smokey” : “daaaaaaammmmmnnnnn” (Friday reference)

If your asking me which pictures I like best. Its hard to decide. Cassie and Rihanna are two different woman with two different styles. I gotta say after the performance of Rihanna with TI at the Vma’s (Live your life) I fell in love with Rihanna. And officially would bitch slap Chris Brown and mop the floor with him. So my favorate pics are Rihanna’s. Ladies calm down this is the only way for me to forget about the swine flu.

The best week ever. I’ll let you decide on your own. Shout to Hottest In The Hood for the posts.

Rihanna or Cassie? Leave your comments below.


By djleche at 2009-05-09

By djleche at 2009-05-09


By djleche at 2009-05-09

By djleche at 2009-05-09

By djleche at 2009-05-09

By djleche at 2009-05-09

According to me: Rihanna wins my vote. But what do you think?

  1. yopeepthis says:

    yo dont have the cassie legs spread clit piercing shot yet step your game up

    • I do. I have more pics. I just didn’t post the V shot.

      You can take that one. I felt it was kinda of too far. Being Cassie claiming “evil, mean” on her twitter site.

      • yopeepthis says:

        nuf said i just gave people a link they would have found anyways
        didnt post em my self either i only psted the censored pics but gave links to all

  2. soyluv says:

    rihanna is from barbados. NOT jamaica.

    whole other island.

    and no comment on who looks better question since they both look better than me. *shrug* oh well…..

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  5. E Mon says:

    If you were to compare the two photos i would say that rihanna was alot sexyer
    Rihanna Vs Cassie

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