Raekwon : Only Built For Cuban Linx 2

Posted: May 13, 2009 in hip hop, The Buzz
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Also this year announced is the sequel to the debut solo project from Raekwon: Only Built For Cuban Linx 2. Wowzers. This sh*t is going to be dope! OBFCL is a f*cking classic. 5 mics on the source, Rolling Stone’s Essential Recording list of the ’90’s and one hell of a masterpiece for any hip hop head. This is better news then when I heard New York had another show on VH1. Way better news. Like comparing Dallas Mavericks fans to one of the most anticipated albums this year. Crap to gold. Not to mention the May 19th releases. So here you go with a lil appetizer before the main course:

Raekwon : Blood on Chef’s Apron hosted by DJ Absolute

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