When Eminem‘s album got leaked onto the internets I didn’t know what to think. Ight, Em and Dre both told us that they keep a tight hold on their work so that doesn’t happen. Then it does. Doesn’t matter. I listened to the album and its very well constructed. Bottom line: purchase with out a doubt.

By djleche at 2009-05-11

Here is my review:

1. Dr. West
Great Introduction and opening to the Relapse. The dialogue and performance has to be heard to be appreciated. Take’s us into:

2. 3 AM
Eminem wakes up realizing its only a nightmare. You get a glimpse into what Dr. Dre has been working on.

On what this album Relapse has to offer in terms of Eminem lyrics, Em said he wanted to pick out tracks that challenged him. He parked on this beat.

You can watch the chillin 3am video by clicking here

3. My Mom
Hits you with the Dre right in the face first couple of seconds. Then Eminem lays down a nice hook over it, “my mom“. This isn’t another song taking shots at his mom. Okay maybe it is, Em tells about his addiction to volume which he unwillingly inherits from his, or like he puts it: my mom loved volume and lots of drugs, that’s why I am like I am cuz I’m like her. Eminem paints a vivid picture in your mind throughout the song.

4. Insane
Because he just told you about his mom it’s only right now we hear about his dad?. Has he spoke about his dad before? I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure most of the stuff he talks about in this song is fiction. I’m hoping. His dad is insane. Rated NC-17. This song is…. Insane.

5. Bagpipes From Baghdad
The bagpipes sample is fucking insane. As a future producer, that was the first thing I noticed. Well anyone would notice that first, it’s in the title and you hear it as the song starts. He goes in at Nick Cannon’s wife, Mariah Carey first couple lines whole first verse, main point of song.ha. And I love it. Nick is a idiot instead of calling (“I’m going to son”)Eminem out he should just shut the hell up and take a compliment about his wife. Even if its from a insane crazy rhyme sayer. I think its a compliment. “Nick you had your fun”. This shit is dope. Eminem‘s spits crazy lyrics behind a dope soundtrack.

6. Hello
Okay the boom bap is nice on this as well. What can you expect if Dr. Dre is behind the sound? Quality. I also like the DJ scratch in it. Eminem reintroduces himself on this track, per say. Well he never meant to leave you. Another great track so far as we are given a breather with a skit.

7. Tonya (skit)
Who is Tonya and why is she getting tortured?

8. Same song and dance
Tonya is a metaphor for someone. Once again we are invited into the world of Eminem. Shots at , Mentions Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears. If you get a mention in one of Em’s ryhmes that just means he was thinking about you at the time. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Nick. Well okay maybe if your married to Mariah Carey. I smile as I write that. As he explained on one of his interviews during the promo run. Was either here in the states or across the seas in Europe, Germany somewhere. I can’t recall exactly. How should he let you know he has a crush on you? Cut off his ear and mail it to you? Hot Track.

9. We Made You
This is the single We Made You. Eminem always uses the same formula every album. First single we hear from Slim Shady, then we get more of Eminem in the album. Not to say We Made You is not good. Its Em come on. Genious.

Jessica Simpson sing the Chorus:

10. Medicine Ball
I like the melody behind the drum kit in this one. “..I guess its time for you to hate me again, let’s begin now hand me the pen. How’s does it begin in and where does it all end..?” haha Once again he goes after Christopher Reeves. How many people will start to watch Superman 1, 2 after that? I will. I want to be Superman. Couple other mentions of other people. Like Madonna. Everyone is so sensitive when Eminem mentions you in their ryhmes… NICKeloden (get it?). haha. This track flows nice. Em puts Paul to work again:

11. Paul (skit)
He quits after hearing album. Mentions Christopher Reeve, incest and not being able to defend Em this time. haha. Nice.

12. Stay Wide Awake
“…soon as my flow starts, I compose’a like the ghost of Mozart..” Talks about going into Central Park in NYC after following a placenta scent. On a killing spree. Blood thirst. I can’t get over how dope the flow on this track in every line. It’s like composed by the ghost of Mozart. Later verses change but one verse after verse another is genious in lyrical content and flow. This is only track 12.

13. Old Times Sake featuring Dr. Dre
West coast legend Dr. Dre features on this track. Dre drop that beat and scratch that break. Eminem mentions Dungeons on this track, which I started playing. Which is pretty cool. I keep hearing about it more and more. Notice it more. Anyhow, Dr. Dre and Eminem go back and forth on the verses. I kept thinking, having deja vu of Eminem albums back and NWA. Another great track. Which bridges Must be the Gangja. Who has the best 420? West.

14. Must Be The Gangja
The snare of this track is ill. The high pitch scream creeping up in the back is dope also. Dr. Dre is ill behind the boards. I couldn’t get over the track enough to bring you a good enough review. This track is fucking insane. One of my favorate tracks on album. “..it must be the gangja its the marijuana that’s creeping up on me while I’m so high..”

15. Mr. Mathers
Don’t know what it was but Mr. Mathers is down for the count. 0.42 seconds first response medical team tries to get a response from Mr. Mathers.

16. Deja Vu
Em shares his experience with addiction. Paints a vivid picture about it. Damn this track is important for anyone who suffers from addiction. I recommend giving a good listen. Great production. Real lyrical content. I hear Marshal Mathers on this track.

17. Beautiful
This song starts with a intro from Paul Rodgers, Brian May from the song “reaching out”. This song was written for a charity. Another track that comes deep from within the heart of Marshal Mathers. Marshal takes you into his journey through witty lyrics. Flow is again really great on top of a snap snare clap beat that’s great also. Would you like to trade shoes with Marshal? He thinks you wouldn’t fit into them. Respect. Don’t ever say you ain’t beautiful. God gave you shoes that fit you. Wear them and be proud of who you are.

18. Crack a Bottle
The first leaked song from Relapse. Most of you if not every single one of you heard this and was glad Eminem was back with another album.

19. Steve Berman (skit)
Em goes to see Steve Berman

20. Underground/Ken Kaniff
“A lot of people ask me where the fuck I’ve been at the last few years…shit I’m here now…” The background music during the chorus is so dope. Eminem‘s tongue twisting lyrically rhyme saying is so dope on this track. This dude is a lyrically genius. Great timing, delivery and content. “tell the critics i’m back and coming” At the end of the track there is a surprise serenade Em gives that has to be heard.

Bottom Line:
Eminem always gives us the same formula. First single is always a entertaining celebrity jab for the fans. We get Slim Shady first. Not to say Slim Shady is not dope because even when Em is layyed back having fun he still delivers dope lyrics. Second single is usually more serious and goes deeper into the creative artistic mind of Marshal. When you listen to the rest of the album and as you get closer to the end, you get real raw Eminem. Eminem is always real but you get a glimpse into the life and heart of Eminem.

This album is a purchase without a doubt. No limewire, no torrent download, no itunes, fuck that go out and buy the damn thing. This shit is a masterpiece. Every track is ill. You won’t find another album like it on May 19th. Get your ass to the store and purchase it, fuckers. 🙂

I can’t say I have a favorite track I enjoyed listening to the whole thing from track 1-21.

  1. Sen says:

    luv ur entry!!!!!!!

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