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Well I am excited to bring you guys more albums reviews, music updates, and happenings in my world and stuff I care about enough to post up…. very soon.

I really did miss you guys.. Lets start this new post with some great live collabs:
Wale featuring The Roots “pretty girls” live on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Dear Rosa Acosta:

I think Memorial Day is a great day every year, i’ll tell you why. I have family who has served over seas. Who are in the military. I have close friends who served over seas. And know friends who are overseas and who are waiting to be shipped out to fight in our name, for our freedom, for our lives. There is nothing more I can write to make you understand how important it is to be thankful today to our veterans and future vets. Even if it’s not a war for our freedom, they are our states men fighting over seas.

The biggest real life heroes.


Hope all you mothers, mothers to be, single mothers, grandmothers, had a great weekend of appreciation and love headed your way. There is nothing like the love from a mother towards her born. Those that have mothers and even those that lost them or never met them share the same feeling. We all came from a woman. I know myself I’ve at times taken my mother for granted. I’ve caused her pain. I’ve made her worry. I’ve been mad at her and wished her good rid dens. But when you get older and start realizing how important of a role your mother played on your growth, you thank her when you can. Much love and respect to you single mothers, your my heroes.


Lot of updates this week on blog. Stay tuned. I leave you with some Al Green:

Every year around May, when Spring fills the air, we pay a special tribute and appreciation here in the states. This year I’d like to wish all mothers around the world a happy one: The only way I know how, through a remix. With help from one of my favorite poets: 2 pac.

“we all came from a woman (mother)” – 2 pac

Be sure to give mom dukes her props and hugs this weekend. Show her she is appreciated.

So this goes out to all those special mothers in the world who bring life to it everyday:

Hope you enjoyed that. Happy Mothers Day!

One more post of AL doing what he does. (tomorrow I’ll get started on organizing blog)

Al Green has the greatest voice for what he does. Its artistic. So my first post will be Al Green.