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Here is another track from Central Soul’s Web. A fucking dope ass beat. The homie Web kills the track with the lyrical content. Flow parks right on the beat like no one else can do it but Web.

Bottom line: Shit is fucking bananas. You gotta here it for yourself

Web: A View Of The World (produced by Shane Eli)

Previously: Web “The Natural”

Here is another song from the upcoming “Inferno” album which is being giving away (free download) by Web and The Central Soul Team.

We get straight raw lyrics here and the beat is dope also.

click on name below to listen to song:

Web – “Power Music” (produced by Greg “the geek” Loukas)

By djleche at 2009-05-19

Previously : Central Soul’s Web

By djleche, shot with Canon EOS-1D Mark III at 2009-05-11

First leaked song in upcoming Inferno “free download” album from Central Soul’s Web. “The Natural” (produced by Red Vision). I’m going to provide the link and let you hear it yourself.

My two cents: The production is fucking sick. I love it like a fat kid loves cake. Big up Red Vision.

Web: Very fucking creative on the flow, hook, chorus. Lyrics on point. Canada is on point with the music. Now Straight From Van City:

..My only fear is the ground and I am never coming down long as I’m hearing the sound..

Stream it live HERE and download link available also.