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Well I am excited to bring you guys more albums reviews, music updates, and happenings in my world and stuff I care about enough to post up…. very soon.

I really did miss you guys.. Lets start this new post with some great live collabs:
Wale featuring The Roots “pretty girls” live on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Dear Rosa Acosta:

So I’m guessing you want to see me mix live huh? I know you do so here you go I did a 420 live stream for my peoples and you can also get a glimse of how the Central Soul Mixshow mixes get recorded. I’m not one to hype myself up. Sike (old school not saying). I’m the best motherfucker in that small studio space right there. Haha. Enjoy. No Serato. No PC help. Just headphones. First a highlight as I managed to figure that one out tonight then the 1 hour 420 special.

View Highlight by clicking HERE I can’t seem to Embedded it my bad

Full 420 live special by click HERE can’t seem to embed it either. If you can help leave me feedback in comments.

Hater Alert: no shots at serato scratch live or pc dj’s . Now I gotta @pausepolice myself for 10 mins for having to say that.


This was the greatest thing on TV today maybe the week. Hey mofo’n VH1 you better make this the best week ever clip and not New York screaming at rats. Without further a do: