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Here is another track from Central Soul’s Web. A fucking dope ass beat. The homie Web kills the track with the lyrical content. Flow parks right on the beat like no one else can do it but Web.

Bottom line: Shit is fucking bananas. You gotta here it for yourself

Web: A View Of The World (produced by Shane Eli)

Previously: Central Soul Mixshow Return of the best..

Another week, another memorable show. On this weekโ€™s show Web and Benjamin talk about the independent artist grind that theyโ€™re all too familiar with and DJ L.E.C.H.E. tears it down with all new music from Web, Eminem, Joell Ortiz, Skyzoo, Raekwon, J DIlla (RIP) and many others. Tune in to every Sunday evening for new episodes. To submit music to the show or share your opinion, hit us at

By djleche at 2009-05-17

Listen to the podcast/download it: click here
Listen to the podcast/download it: (zshare stream) click here

Previously: Web “The Natural”

Here is another song from the upcoming “Inferno” album which is being giving away (free download) by Web and The Central Soul Team.

We get straight raw lyrics here and the beat is dope also.

click on name below to listen to song:

Web – “Power Music” (produced by Greg “the geek” Loukas)

By djleche at 2009-05-19

Previously: Web “The Natural”

The Central Soul Mixshow is back at it again.

Central Soul Mixshow – The return of the best/worst

Stream: Central Soul Mixshow – The return of the best/worst

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After another unplanned break, Web, Benjamin Arce & DJ L.E.C.H.E. are back in full effect. On this week’s show Web and Benjamin discuss the recent war of words between Method Man & Joe Budden and DJ L.E.C.H.E. gives you more than enough reasons to be in the record store this Tuesday with new music from Web, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″, Method Man & Redman, Busta Rhymes and Camp Lo. Tune in to every Sunday evening for new episodes. To submit music to the show or share your opinion, hit us at

Previously: Nas Illmatic Tribute

By djleche at 2009-05-13

The homies at Queens Hip Hop showed some love by posting the 15 year Illmatic Tribute Special from one our Episodes. Much appreciated. Living in Queens during my childhood I had to make sure it was dope. Now its co-signed by Queens Hip Hop.

Previously : Central Soul’s Web

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First leaked song in upcoming Inferno “free download” album from Central Soul’s Web. “The Natural” (produced by Red Vision). I’m going to provide the link and let you hear it yourself.

My two cents: The production is fucking sick. I love it like a fat kid loves cake. Big up Red Vision.

Web: Very fucking creative on the flow, hook, chorus. Lyrics on point. Canada is on point with the music. Now Straight From Van City:

..My only fear is the ground and I am never coming down long as I’m hearing the sound..

Stream it live HERE and download link available also.

April 19th, 1994 Nas and Exec Producer MC Serch (you might remember him from VH1’s white rapper show or the nyc old school crew 3rd bass) released Illmatic to the world. And since then it has been a classic-must have for any hip hop head.

So what other way to pay homage (living in Queens for a while I had to make sure it was tight) but to play it on the Central Soul Mixshow. Brought to you by the staff at the Central Soul Mixshow and in case you missed it:

The Nas – Illmatic Tribute Episode

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